The morning shower

Whenever I enter my shower room and engage the eight separate shower heads that all spray at one time – – from every possible angle – I am always pleased to be able to use a luxury soap of one kind or another.

Now I am of the opinion that luxury items need not be limited to use by persons of extraordinary means so I plan to share information about one of my favorite soaps this morning and maintain that it is a soap that anyone can buy if they so desire because it is not necessarily limited to a specific socio-economic market.

I will also say that it is not probably easily available from the shelves of an ordinary super market unless they maintain a rather upscale section of goods for their wealthier clientele.

I think the soap I am going to talk about is more than likely more readily available at an upscale department store or online.

The luxury soap I used this morning was from a firm calling itself “Shugar Soap Works and this soap is said to be manufactured in Southern California, USA.

It is a half pound ( 8-ounce) bar which is triple milled and which contains organic shea butter as part of its rather more than luxurious formulation.

I find this soap to be ultra-smooth, extremely generously latherable and containing the pleasant odor reminiscent of Vanilla and Sugar . . . which is what is printed on the box.

Other than being one of the creamiest and nicest soaps I have used – – and I use a lot of different soaps because my Gentleman’s Gentleman knows I like variety and he provides well for my eccentricities – – eccentricities such as changing bath soaps every few days – – Other than being one of the nicest and most luxuriously fragrant soaps I have ever used this one also tends to dispense its fragrance throughout the room if left out of its box and serves as an air freshener as well as a cleansing agent.

Like all the soaps I love, if this one were candy or cake I would have eaten the entire bar long before this time.

So there you have it:  Luxury soap . . . warmish filtered water issuing forth from eight gold-colored shower heads . . . in a bathroom with a running decorative fountain . . . arched stained glass windows . . . planters with greenery all around . . . italian marble floor . . . an 1888 Mills Luxury Cotton Towel made in Africa . . . mmmm, so soft . . . so very soft and nice . . . and a few minutes sitting in the little room off the main bath where the warm fans dry me completely before I go to my dressing room and prepare for breakfast.

P.S. Did I mention that I like my climate-controlled bathroom to be kept at a constant 65 degrees Fahrenheit?

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September 18, 2014 @ 4:47 AM


It appears that my readership is down once again.

Blogging is a rewarding endeavor most of the time and at other times it can be quite discouraging.

Maybe if I were a better writer.

But of course . . I do so appreciate those brave souls who do pay me the honor of reading this drivel.

I am so very fortunate to have the wonderful . . yea precious friends who come on here and read my drivel.

I should shut my mouth and stop complaining before someone finds me to be ungrateful.

Which would be the very last of my intentions.

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Chocolates that were never meant to be

Some Chocolate Is Better Than Some Others

Some Chocolate Is Better Than Some Others

September 17, 2014

Went into an exclusive chocolatiers’ establishment today – – the kind of shop that has a solid-gold-colored Calligraphic sign in the style of old money establishments – – the kind of shop where you select your chocolates from a display case where they are displayed like some stores display their jewelry – – the kind of place where a single butter cream tidbit about 3/4-inches across and about the same in height will cost in the neighborhood of $2.75 each – – $82.50 per box of 30 pieces plus tax.

Waited and waited for someone . . anyone . . to notice I was there and to at least greet me.


A couple of fashion design model-looking women flitting about pretending to be busy with something – – but no one approached me – – and I was dressed to the 9s too.

Needless to say after a few minutes I left.

Who needs it?

I could buy their damned store and bulldoze it into the ground just for something to do on a Sunday afternoon if I wanted to . . . but I guess that is not the likely outcome in this instance.

Since I am fond of gourmet hand-made chocolates they probably made a huge mistake ignoring me because I do send gifts occasionally – – plus what I eat myself.

Besides I have a local shop near where I live who are more than happy to supply me with whatever chocolates I desire in special gold-leafed boxes with sateen interior . . each piece wrapped in fine planting papers . . and each piece emblazoned with my Initial which they mould into each piece for my pleasure. Every chocolate I consume from that shop comes complete with a large Calligraphic “J” in the center. Loving it!

Picture of the chocolate above is from Pixabay and on date of 9/17/2014 was in the Public Domain.

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The little things that count!

If you are going to be able to hold your head up in your confrontations with persons of “Means” ( Richer than all get-out) then it seems to be academic that part of the incumbency of such events should – – of sheer necessity – – be that a thorough shower has been taken, the appropriate amount of trimming of eyebrows, nose hairs and ear hairs should have been performed meticulously by some skilled and necessarily expensive hands ( Manicurist, Hair Dresser, Barber, Valet or Butler ) and that a modicum of balance has been achieved in skin tone ( Tanning booths are out as far as I am concerned because of their propensity to irritate certain atopic conditions ) but a thorough facial with avocado or some other exotic is not out of the question . . for me anyway.

Do not forget the manicure.

Nothing will exacerbate negativity in a face-to-face with some of the . . . richer . . . folks than unkempt nails. It is a sure sign of gaucherie.

If possible – – given the excitement attendant to the situation . . . try to remember which fork at dinner is for salad, which one is for oysters and which one is the dinner fork. The dinner fork ( Most Used ) is the one with four (4) tines . . ( It is alright to count them.)

Your cologne can be as powerful as you are or if you are in the presence of someone you look up to and respect a lot ( which should be pretty much everybody you socialize with ) then you might want to mute it a little but make sure it is something good . . preferably from France, Italy or Greece . . because those are the least pretentious and the most efficacious.

More hints to come at a later date.

By the way — if you are in the market for a new sport coat you can pick up a nice Jacquard in fantasy blue ( without a collar ) for a little over $3,600 at some of the nicer stores in the Dallas, Texas area. (Goes well with the new sport coat and jeans look so popular in New York and LA these days.)

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Something new – – -

Salmon ceviche paired with Riesling Wine.

Tried it and liked it.

Found it here:

I had our chef whip this up and it was interesting at first and then, after awhile it became somewhat grand.

A bit different from my normal preference of prime rib au jus or african rock lobster tail . . . but delightful . . . it grows on me.

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Things that might get overlooked!

It is an old adage that it is best to let other people do the worrying about your money if you have enough of it to worry about – – and I am beginning to see evidence that makes me want to agree with that old adage more and more with each passing day.

May I suggest to anyone who is fortunate enough to own a personal private executive aircraft of any kind that you refrain from asking accountants or anyone, “What does it cost to operate this thing?”

If your “Plane” happens to be able to carry 10 passengers in comfort ( if the need arises ) ( otherwise what you have is one atrociously large and comfortable private cabin ) and if it happens to run on jet engines and if there is more than one such engine . . and if it requires two officers on the flight deck ( cockpit) (captain and second captain) . . and a steward to attend to your personal needs . . . you might be surprised to hear that it will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of anywhere from $2,080 to more than $4,000 an hour to fly the thing.

So a short hop from Los Angeles to San Francisco takes about 55 minutes in clear weather . . . that’s going to soak somebody about $5 grand or a little less depending on circumstances. ($10,000 round trip). Somewhat less if you own the airplane and are not chartering it.

But I have always thought charter was a better deal because you don’t have to foot the bill for hangar storage and maintenance . . . at least not directly, that is.

I am sure everybody has their own thoughts about this.

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Selecting stocks to buy

I am not a stock broker and I do not give advice on stocks, bonds or other instruments to buy – – that kind of advice requires the advice of professionals.

But over the years . . I have come to the conclusion that it might be just as much of a good bet to have a blindfolded chimpanzee pick stock options by throwing darts at a board with the choices pinned to it . . . because I sometimes think the monkey could probably make just as good choices as some of those who get paid big bucks for doing it.

Am I kidding? Probably . . . or maybe not . . . I am very eccentric after all. ( Or so I am told.)

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Dinner today at a downtown eatery:

I had the prime filet mignon with baked potato and house salad and Jim had the Reuben with giant onion rings.

Very good for a total of $38 for the meal and $20 for the server.

Went to the department store and bought three new sport coats, one shirt so I can coordinate a new “New York” look that requires a sport coat worn with a patterned shirt or a white shirt and tie depending on the occasion.

Now I can be 76-years old and still look like I haven’t left the fashion world too far behind.

Went to a cologne counter and obtained three seperate fashion fragrances – – about $130.00. Not bad. The stuff was discounted.

Went to another cologne counter and refilled my Gucci cologne.

Good day so far.


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The day I left home


It was April 11, 1962 and I had gone to Cincinnati, Ohio and visited the recruiters’ office and signed up for the Air Force . . . and they sent a car to get me to take me to the airport from where i would fly to lackland air force base in san antonio, texas.

I had breakfast with my dad and informed him of the decision i had made and since I was over 21 years of age there was nothing he could do but agree.

My mom and dad and a neighbor saw me off at the airport and soon i was very high off the ground speeding at more than 500 miles per hour to my first assignment in the regular military.

I had no idea on that exciting day that just a short eight weeks later my dad would be dead.

What is remember is the glistening tear in his eye the last time i hugged him at the airport.  I believe he was sad to see me go but I also believe he was proud of his son.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014 @ 7:24 PM

Ran across an interesting Scripture this evening after dinner . . .”Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.” (Colossians 3:13).

I wish those of us who have different political views from somebody else could remember this Scripture a lot more than we seem to do.

Had an interesting dinner this evening:


Scrambled eggs with tofu, black sweet grapes, cherry tomatoes, whole grain hearth-baked bread and a slice of pepper jack cheese with a cup of coffee.

Tell me that isn’t a healthy meal even though it might seem a little strange for the evening meal but where is it written that one cannot eat breakfast in the evening and start the day with what would ordinarily be dinner fare?

Rode my bike for 12 miles today for the first time in many days.  My left foot was swelled for a couple of weeks but it has returned to normal now and things are once again as they were before . . . which is a good thing.

The Cyclist (Moi) (Me)

The Cyclist (Moi) (Me)





Weight is out of control again so breakfast tomorrow will be a fresh peach, some grapes, some whole grain bread, some cheese and coffee.  This is kind of a Mediterranean little meal but it seems to keep me satisfied for a longer time than most of the things I used to eat and that helps when you are a fat guy like me.

Have to remember to drink my 6 glasses of liquid every day.  I haven’t been too faithful with it as of late and it does seem to help.  It doesn’t seem to work for everybody but it has helped me.

Been watching “Hardball” with Chris Matthews this evening and decided to take a break to do this post for the blog.

O.K., folks I guess that is enough for now and if anything happens that I think might be worth talking about I will return and bore you some more.

Until then . . . hugs and kisses to all!

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