Luke 8:15

In the Book of Luke in the King James Bible – – somewhere in the 8th chapter . . . I believe it is verse number 15, there is some talk about how Jesus is comparing good soil to good-hearted and honest people . . the kind of people who hear The Word of God, who cling tenaciously to it and then who go out and spread that Word to others.

Now if there ever was a verse about Christian generosity that one is it in my opinion.

Please notice that those people who receive some of the richest gifts imaginable are prone to be led by The Holy Spirit to share them with others rather than being tempted to store them up selfishly to themselves.

Obviously this verse is not speaking about Conservatives . . . especially the kind of conservatives that litter the political landscape in America today.

If the contemporary conservative gets hold of something that is especially good and if it is something the like a lot they have this tendency to hang onto whatever it is – – to try and figure out how they can get hold of more of it – – and then they start thinking about ways they can get all of whatever it is.  To share the good things they have amassed for themselves with others?  Rare!  Very Rare among that kind!

In fact aren’t they the very ones who work their asses off trying to figure out ways to keep others less fortunate than themselves from getting any of the good things of this life?

Isn’t that what motivates them to vote down funding for government programs that provide any measure of relief to the needy so they can horde the funds that might have been thus used up so they can give themselves and their rich counterparts newer and ever-bigger tax breaks and incentives to horde more up for themselves and then to ship their profit offshore to keep from having to pay taxes on it?

Prove to me there is any Christianity in that kind of mentality and I will eat a handful of dirt.

I won’t really eat the dirt – – but it is kind of fun to say it.

Selfishness, no matter how somebody might try to explain it away or no matter how hard they might try to justify it is in no way, shape, fashion or form anywhere near a Christian virtue and the so-called “Christian Conservatives” who act like this are lying about their religion or they are practicing a form of Christianity that Jesus would never recognize.

But they are master revisionists so just maybe that is what they have done:  Maybe they have rewritten the scriptures in their own minds to make them say whatever makes them comfortable . . . or more wealthy than ever.

Maybe Jesus’ mission on earth was to make right wing assholes rich!

Yeah, that’s it!

I think some of them actually believe this to be true.

They sure as Hell act like it sometimes don’t they?

The sad truth is that when a lot of radical right wing pretend-to-be conservatives who are also pretend-to-be christians talk about The Bible or about Jesus they are blowing off about things they have no clue about.

I think it is kind of like The Devil.

The Devil knows scripture in and out and round about – – He knows scripture verbatim – – He can quote the Bible like an Angel – – but in all truth, the Devil has no idea about what the Scriptures He can spout so easily means – – none at all.  To Him the Bible is just a crazy book of words and phrases because God has blinded His eyes to truth and He couldn’t recognize it if it bit Him in the ass.

That is the cumulative effect of long periods of unrepented sin – – to that kind of individual the Bible is a book of meaningless stories and if the sinner ever does understand any of it it becomes a horror story filled with all kinds of threatening stuff – – stuff like going to Hell and all that kind of stuff.

But the redeemed in Christ do not have to worry about the horror stories any more because their futures will be such that they will not have to fret about going to Hell or any of that other stuff that some of the right wingers are always wanting to pound people over the head with.

I am afraid that a lot of righties are following a false religion these days – – a religion that looks Christian in every respect but which has absolutely none of the soul or essence of the real thing.

The Bible says, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

The fruits of righteousness are definitely not allied with some of the evil things a lot of the right wingers try to do to other people.

For example: No one is ever going to convince me that a real Christian would cast a vote against government funding to expand the unemployment compensation program for millions of jobless Americans who struggle every day just to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.

And that is just one example among many.

Think about it.


Think about it.

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Friendly Letter No. 101

September 27, 2014

Dear Friend:

I can write anything I want to write on this blog – – as long as it is legal – – and probably nobody nowhere will ever take the time to read it.

I think that is ass kickin!

I like that idea!

I can be just as free as I want to be and nobody will probably ever take the time to look and if they do look they probably won’t give a shit anyway – – except for a few special friends who I really do value highly and have the highest regard and the greatest respect for.

This kind of notation nonsense is not for the eyes of my friends.

Needless to say I am hoping that whoever stops by here to ready anything will become my friend.  That would be super nice.

That would the the ice cream on the end of the licorice stick for me – – I love people and need all the friends I can get.

So then this is going to be my “Free” space where I can yammer and bitch and gripe and even cuss about anything and everything that gripes my ass or catches my attention – – and that is what I will use this space for until somebody decides to censor me and say, “Hey, Outrageous Liberal Pundit – – stop that shit!”

Very truly yours,

The Outrageous Pundit

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Hey everybody out there . . .

So if it is true that millions of people can read this blog at any given time then how about a million or so of you giving me a shout out here on the blog by leaving a “Howdy” comment?  Much obliged and I would appreciate it a lot – – you can be sure of that!  Thank Y’all! Bye now!

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Oh the things one can find on the Internet!

This post contains strong language that some people might find offensive.

I found a rabid rightie site that was talking about some Liberals somewhere wanting to teach 5-year-old kids about masturbation and other sexually-associated things in their public school classrooms and it dawned on me as I was reading this stuff, “I can imagine the hundreds of hyper religious right wing parents running as fast as their legs can carry them to get their kids enrolled while there are still seats open in those classes.”

I find that Righties are often the first ones to raise Holy Hell about something like this but when the clamor subsides I also find they are the ones most willing to go get their share of whatever they had been bitching about in the first place – – and the more fucking “Christian” they pretend to be, the quicker they run to partake of the unsavory activity – – that, I guess, is the price of faux repression in the family values units hidden among today’s radical right wads.

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Journal/Diary (1)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Got up at 6:00 am and made coffee – – – 6 cups of water (6 ounces each) plus seven level tablespoons ground coffee.

As the coffee brewed I cut up a potato and half a sweet onion into smallish chunks and steamed them for 6 minutes on high in the microwave.

To the potato/onion mixture ( after it was done steaming) I added 1/4 cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese, 15 very thin slices of pre-cooked smoked sausage and two scrambled eggs.

Voila!  Breakfast – – 650 calories out of my 1,600 calories for the day.

The weather was nice – – 70 degrees and clear – – but for some reason I got stuck on my computer for a few hours trying out various blog themes and in the end decided I liked the ones I have been using.

This evening I watched a few minutes of some reality show on television – – a show called “Naked and Afraid” about two nude people stuck in some God-forsaken place trying to survive mosquitoes and water moccasin snakes, 40 degree nights and a flood in their camp . . . eating crayfish . . . snakes . . . whatever they could find . . . I tired of the program rather quickly and came back into the computer room to blog for a while before going to bed.

For lunch today I remember having a fried egg sandwich on toast with mayonnaise and some cole slaw and a Chinese Spring Roll for dinner this evening.

Tried out some new luxury bath soap I had paid $3.99 for and found it to be pleasant and scented with rose petals.  Not exactly a masculine scent but then there was nobody in the shower but me so what the Hell, hunh?

My two little pet finch birds were in a playful mood all day – – singing and swinging on their little swings . . eating their seed mixture like little pigs . . chirping at me when I got down to face level with them . . . they seem to like their face time with me.  Delightful little creatures!

One of the little fellows – – the one I named “Sugar” likes to walk over and gently peck ( kiss ) me on the nose when I get down to face level with him and coax him with baby talk, “Come and give me a kiss, Sugar!”  He knows the routine and is very faithful to come and peck me on the nose when I do this.

Well I guess it is now somewhere around 11:40 PM and it is time to roll down the covers and hop in the old sackeroo . . . so if The Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise maybe I will be back on here tomorrow with some more really interesting  – – snark snark snark – – stuff for Y’all!

Bye now!

Love ya!

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I have to laugh – Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

“I had to laugh” is one of the frequent “cheap shot” lines some of the more rabidly nutzoid of the radical religious right wing conservative pretenders use sometimes when they describe how they feel when they read some of the stuff I write on the Internet.

Oh I know it is me they are talking about when they say such shit because they are fools and don’t understand that when they go ahead and quote massive amounts of stuff I have written and they reproduce it verbatim it is super obvious because the chance of them duplicating my content on a random occurrence is zero to an ass bag impossible.

So today I will steal one of their favorite little fecal burps and remind all who tred here that when I read some of the malodorous anal verbal droppings of some of the low-information/no-information religious rightie radical crowd – – – well . . . I have to laugh!

Uproariously and long – – – almost until I piss my pants sometimes because they are such total buffoons . . . clowns . . . idiots . . . jesters . . .turds . . . it is funny beyond belief that they would even consider that anybody gives a damn about anything they say except for the 70 or so daily views they get from their 400-some-plus followers.

Some get more and some get less but the average – – the status quo among that crowd for readership seems to be near the basement as far as the public clamoring to get to their veritable fountains of life-sustaining knowledge is concerned . . . quick!  Somebody get a hammer and mash my finger because when I say stuff like I just said I need to be shocked back into reality.

I did not mean, by any sense or imaginative machination, to imply or infer or suggest that rightie radical writing has any kind of magnetic appeal to anybody but those who share their own common handicap – – “Stupidity to the Assininist degree.” (“Assininist” = a word I coined to demonstrate the overall characteristic inferred by “Asinine” . . . (Ass-Like.).

To clarify:

A “Conservatist” is one who conserves things.

An “Assininist” is one who acts like an ass. ( Or who looks like one).

Actually I believe it has quite the opposite effect.  I think it repels all who have any modicum of morality in their being or intellect in their craniums.

What I find really hilarious about some of these numbskulls in tight pants that show no outline of a package that might suggest manliness is the almost total adult-diaper-wrapped infantilism of the sludge they spew forth – – continuously – – constantly – – persistently – – sludge that says nothing – – sludge that goes on and on and on and used hundred of thousands of words over the course of a single year to say one thing and one thing only, “I hate!”

How many goddamned pages and how many words does it take to vent one’s hatred for Liberals, for the President ( The black guy in the White House) – – – – for the administration . . . for progressives . . . for “Real” Christians ( The kind of Christians who preach the Gospel of Love, Repentance and Forgiveness as opposed to the Old Testament-based Gospel of ‘ God with hammer in hand ready to smite the sinner!) – – and for everyone and everything else they disagree with?  How many words does it take to say “I hate you?”

Read enough radical right wing “Pretend-to-be conservative, pretend-to-be-Christian blogs and you will find out how many words it takes and prepare to be amazed at how it never seems to let up and how it definitely looks like it will never end!”

I have to laugh!

I have to laugh but I also have to confess that sometimes the whole thing is so damned pitiful and sad – – pitiful and sad that human beings could be so misguided, so disenchanted, so alienated from all that is good and worthwhile – – – so taken up with themselves – – so introverted – – so damned mentally challenged or mentally damaged that they could end up such emotional cripples and be forced to resort to their life of virulence and vitriol each and every hour of every day that passes.

But I also have to admit that I get a kind of perverse charge whenever it dawns on me that something I might have written has lit their fuse and set them off.

Yes – – like their useless intransigent asses, I too have to laugh!

Everytime I encounter their mindless chatter, I have to laugh!

I also “Have to laugh” whenever I remind myself just how seriously the occupants of the “Real World” consider their manure-like verbage – – – the propaganda they spit forth in their continual infantile hissy fits.

The “Real World” shows what it thinks of today’s counterfeit brand of conservatism by rejecting it whenever and wherever and by whatever means at its’ disposal – – and on the rare occasion when temporary insanity seems to grip the nation and the fools get elected to some high offices – – it is only a matter of time before people see what they have done to themselves and the “Buyer Remorse” drives them to the next available election to undo the damage and to kick the intransigent asses out of office again.

It’s a crazy cycle but the bottom line is that America has long preferred Liberal Government in toto – – has preferred it more often and for longer periods of time than the temporary crazy experiments with conservative dead-endedness – – and will probably continue to do so for eons to come.

One bright glimmer on the horizon of political potential is the “Millennial” generation now rising – – a generation that holds to Conservative “Values” all-in-all but who tends to vote Liberal on political issues about society – – (Societal Issues are a big thing with Millennials and they always view societal issues in the light of Liberalism.).

The Millennials have obviously seen the hypocrisy of their Conservative parentage and are now in a state of rebellion against the absolute worthlessness of it.

Yes this is hope for a brighter future – – a future where today’s so-called rightie cob-serf-a-tiffs will have to shut their lying mouths and knuckle under to the government they will inherit from their kids.

I’m loving it and – – – I am laughing!

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Time and again and then something else for sure

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It is Wednesday again and I cannot believe it – – – time flys ( flies) much too fast these days.

I remember when I was a lot younger I used to say to myself, “Boy, this is one helluva long day – – I wish it were over with!”

I’m not saying that kind of crap anymore.

I wish I had view Time in the same light back then as I do now.  Maybe I would have made a lot better use of it.

The title of this blog post is nonsense because I am not sure titles mean all that much these days.

The automated electronic things on the Internet sniff around and find what they want to find and that is what they publish to the world and that is something that is out of our control – – – it is kind of like the stupid damned computer is able to pick and choose what it wants to put out on the Internet and that is a scary thing as far as I am concerned – – a stupid damned machine that can censor me by some strange, ever-present, always-invasive set of mathematical anomalies called “algorithms.”

So I am not going to worry about millions of people seeing this and reading it because I believe that even though there are millions of people who could see this stuff and read it, something or someone out there is going to make sure as few people see and read it as possible.

How is it that some blogs get millions of readers anyway?  Is having your own server the answer?

Well these are the things that are on my mind this morning and it is damned early in the morning for an old fart like me to be out of bed – –  but I am really glad that I was able to get out of bed this morning because there are plenty of folks who went to bed last night thinking about what they were going to do today who did not get out of bed – – – and they won’t either because they died in their sleep – – or were murdered – – by an angry spouse – – a neighbor – – an intruder – – al Qaeda – – isis – – some fucking turd!

I slipped the “F” bomb in there because I have heard that this blogging platform doesn’t censor language – – but we shall see.

O.k., folks – – for those of you who like rants this has been a rant and there will be more because this is a “Rant” blog if it is nothing else and that is what we do best and that is why we have this blog alongside our other one called “American Liberal Times.”

If you can read me this morning and if there is anything you like at all about what I am doing, saying, writing or thinking on this blog, then please “Follow”, like or at least leave a comment so I will know there are other people out there and that I am not striking the keys of this keyboard in vain.

I know it is probably gauche of me to ask . . . but I am not going to sit here and be vain enough to believe that I am the epitome of bloggers because I know my writing skills suck – – but if you happen to enjoy the ramblings of an eccentric old fool who has already more or less lived forever and who has probably gained a little wisdom along the path . . . then you are in the right place. ( Unless you are a rabid right wing religious conservative extremist freak of some kind and then you are definitely in the wrong place.)


Love ya!

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A matter of understanding

People tell me we need to understand ISIS (The Islamic State) and what motivates it.

I have seen enough of what ISIS is and what it does and I am not interested in “Understanding” it – – I am only interested in getting rid of it . . . forever.

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Welcome to the blog that nobody in their right mind will probably ever bother to read – – and that can be a good thing – – and I might be wrong in this assumption – – time will tell.

Do not expect anything to ever appear on this blog except the sometimes over-the-top and outrageous commentary of a crazy left-of-center liberal democrat who is sick and tired of the crap falling hourly from that ass-centric source I sometimes laughingly refer to as “The Radical Right Wing Mouth.”

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The morning shower

Whenever I enter my shower room and engage the eight separate shower heads that all spray at one time – – from every possible angle – I am always pleased to be able to use a luxury soap of one kind or another.

Now I am of the opinion that luxury items need not be limited to use by persons of extraordinary means so I plan to share information about one of my favorite soaps this morning and maintain that it is a soap that anyone can buy if they so desire because it is not necessarily limited to a specific socio-economic market.

I will also say that it is not probably easily available from the shelves of an ordinary super market unless they maintain a rather upscale section of goods for their wealthier clientele.

I think the soap I am going to talk about is more than likely more readily available at an upscale department store or online.

The luxury soap I used this morning was from a firm calling itself “Shugar Soap Works and this soap is said to be manufactured in Southern California, USA.

It is a half pound ( 8-ounce) bar which is triple milled and which contains organic shea butter as part of its rather more than luxurious formulation.

I find this soap to be ultra-smooth, extremely generously latherable and containing the pleasant odor reminiscent of Vanilla and Sugar . . . which is what is printed on the box.

Other than being one of the creamiest and nicest soaps I have used – – and I use a lot of different soaps because my Gentleman’s Gentleman knows I like variety and he provides well for my eccentricities – – eccentricities such as changing bath soaps every few days – – Other than being one of the nicest and most luxuriously fragrant soaps I have ever used this one also tends to dispense its fragrance throughout the room if left out of its box and serves as an air freshener as well as a cleansing agent.

Like all the soaps I love, if this one were candy or cake I would have eaten the entire bar long before this time.

So there you have it:  Luxury soap . . . warmish filtered water issuing forth from eight gold-colored shower heads . . . in a bathroom with a running decorative fountain . . . arched stained glass windows . . . planters with greenery all around . . . italian marble floor . . . an 1888 Mills Luxury Cotton Towel made in Africa . . . mmmm, so soft . . . so very soft and nice . . . and a few minutes sitting in the little room off the main bath where the warm fans dry me completely before I go to my dressing room and prepare for breakfast.

P.S. Did I mention that I like my climate-controlled bathroom to be kept at a constant 65 degrees Fahrenheit?

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